VSYS financial competition, 19% of the annual holding of 50000 VSYS

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Dear AEX users,

V Systems is a block chain cloud project, based on Supernode proof-of-stake (SPoS) consensus, with modular structure and support for multiple consensus algorithms. VSYS (V Systems) has received extensive attention from users. In order to celebrate the debut of VSYS on AEX platform, we now launch the activity "participate in the VSYS financial competition, hold a position and win 50000 VSYS". The related information is as follows:

The currency is introduced

V SYSTEMS public chain (tokens: VSYS) is a blockchain database cloud created by Sunny King, the father of PoS. It is stored in an object-oriented way and has the ability to support block chain data usage scenarios such as high concurrency and efficient index, which can support large-scale industrial-level applications facing the society in the future  Currency encyclopedia>>>

  • Activities schedule:

19:00, July 1, 2019 -- 19:00, July 11, 2019

Activity Rules:

Activity 1: VSYS node activity -AEX financing 382 period   Click to participate in >, >, >

Amount raised: 100,000 VSYS

Lock cycle: 7 days

Limit of investment: 10 VSYS

Return: projected annualized return of 18%+1%

Purpose :AEX main node project team participates in the construction of VSYS public chain network, and at the same time obtains node income. The node income from node operation comes from the new area which will be produced soon, with mature technology and stable output

Risk guarantee: VPower is the hottest and most profitable super node of VSYS public chain, and the assets raised will participate in mining of VPower nodes. The mining account is managed and provided by the risk control system of AEX platform, which can monitor the account in real time

Collateral guarantee: none (assets raised and accounts operated by the team are controlled and managed by AEX platform)

Activity 2: increase the position of VSYS and divide up 50000 VSYS  Click recharge >, >, >

During the activity, any real-name user who adds VSYS position in AEX can participate in the allocation of 50000 VSYS reward

Activity Rules

During the activity period, the top 80 users ranked by VSYS's position increment will be awarded 50,000 VSYS awards according to the proportion of each user's position increment in the total position increment of VSYS among the top 50 users, among which

  • Award 5000 VSYS to the first user in position increment

  • Reward 3000 VSYS for the second additional user

  • Award 2000 VSYS to the third user in position increment

Note: increment of user's position = VSYS position of user on July 11, 19:00 -- VSYS position of user on July 1, 19:00

  • Winner list



1. The reward will be issued within 7 working days after the end of the activity

2. AEX reserves the right to the final interpretation of this activity. AEX reserves the right to cancel AEX's award qualification in case of cheating, brushing or knocking

3. Risk tip: digital assets are innovative investment products with large price fluctuations. Please judge your investment ability rationally and make investment decisions prudently.

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July 1, 2019

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